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Tailor by Nathalie de Leval

The essence of good tailoring is all in the details. The cut of cloth, the line of stitching, the position of a pocket. This was the inspiration for the Tailor chest of drawers and tallboy. These pieces of furniture are intended to be used everyday and it is this interaction with the user that requires attention to those intimate moments. Visually the Tailor pieces are classic and elegant in their proportions. They have a distinctive diagonal frame, that as well as creating an interesting dynamic, creates an elegant shadow gap between the drawers and the frame that is reminiscent of Japanese joinery. The drawers, made with traditional cabinetry, are lined with cedar to deter clothes moths. The beautiful dovetail joints are revealed as you slide open the drawers. A brass lock and key to the velvet lined top drawer adds to the sense of discovery.

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