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Design Guild Mark: At a glance

Find out more about the criteria, judging process and categories.
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The prestigious Design Guild Mark is awarded by The Furniture Makers’ Company in order to drive excellence and raise the profile of British design and innovation. The Mark recognise the highest standards in the design of furnishings across three categories for volume production, by the finest designers working in Britain, or British designers working abroad. These categories are Furniture; Lighting Design; Textiles, Wall coverings, Surfaces, Carpets and Floor Coverings.

— Rodney McMahon

Chairman, Design Guild Mark

The Design Guild Mark award scheme is intended to recognise the best industrial design. A Design Guild Mark can be awarded
for a product or collection of products that are currently in production, that were designed for, and are manufactured by, an industrial design process.

Most importantly it is paramount that all entries are:

  • Designed by a British Designer or Designers
  • Design practices that are based in the United Kingdom.


Browse the Design Guild Mark gallery to view previous awardees.

Entries must demonstrate excellence in design, materials, manufacture and function.

Does the design demonstrate new and original thinking and
problem solving / is it different / does it do something better?

Is the design fit for purpose / does it work well and
intuitively / does it benefit the user and how?

Is the design aesthetically appealing and its appearance
appropriate / is it made well / does it incorporate
innovative manufacturing materials and process?

Does the design develop a brand’s position / does it
provide a competitive advantage or edge in any way?

Does the design demonstrate a responsibility to progressing
sustainable and circular practices / is the product
designed and made for longevity of appeal and use?

Click here to view the Judging Panel.

Entry is open to all types of furniture from all different sectors.

Interior Design Elements

The design should demonstrably be part of an extensive range and be commercially available. It should have achieved minimum sales of 500 linear metres.

Wall coverings
Eligible wall coverings include wallpaper, wall tiles, decorative acoustical panels and paint.

Qualifying surface categories are glass, illuminated surfaces, tiles, stone surfaces and veneers.

Eligible are carpets and carpet tiles. The design should have achieved minimum sales of 400 linear metres.

Floor coverings
Eligible flooring types include wood, ceramic, bamboo, tile, laminate, vinyl, resin, rubber and cork flooring.

Lighting Design

Entry is open to all types of lighting from all different sectors

All applications will be presented to the Design Guild Mark committee to establish whether the application meets the technical criteria.
Once approved, designers present their design in person, giving the judging panel the opportunity to examine it closely, and find out first hand from the mind behind the piece, how it demonstrates excellence in the design of furniture or furnishings for volume production.

Judging panel
Chaired by The Furniture Makers’ Company, the Design Guild Mark is judged by an independent panel that is subject to change up to the day of judging.

Click here to view the Judging Panel.

Closing dates:
Early bird: 24th November 2023
Final: 19th January 2024

Apply now >

Early bird: £210 [inc. VAT] per entry

Final Entry bird: £240 [inc. VAT] per entry

Late fee: £270 [inc. VAT] per entry


Why you should apply

It’s money well spent

It’s money well spent

Participating in the Design Guild Mark costs less than an online banner, less than a 1/4 page print ad. And it can bring you and your brand much more.

It’s an accreditation of quality

It’s an accreditation of quality

The Mark recognises the highest standards in the design of furnishings in volume production and is judged by an independent body of renowned judges.

You get great press and social media coverage

You get great press and social media coverage

Have your work shown to the design world and beyond. View our press section for the latest coverage.

You’re in good company

You’re in good company

Look at and our Pinterest and Instagram accounts to see holders.

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