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Jonathan Hindle Prize

Created in 2015 by Design Guild Mark founder Jonathan Hindle, this cash prize of £1,000 is awarded annually to the most outstanding design in each of the three categories. The judges will assess this prize once the Design Guild Marks have been awarded. All entries that receive a Design Guild Mark are eligible for this prize.


Huw Evans and Campbell Thompson

2023 - Jonathan Hindle Prize Winner - Furniture

Architecture and furniture unite in the AD11 Outdoor Lounge Chair, designed by and exclusively available at The Conran Shop. Made from oak-veneered marine plywood, the AD11 is available in three vigorous hues of yellow, blue, and red, each featuring a discrete bottle opener for the ultimate spring-summer relaxation. Brand new for 2023, AD11 is our modern interpretation of the classic Adirondack chair typology. The two independent backrests provide ergonomic comfort, while generous armrests promote lounging


Claire Canning & Lindsey Hesketh

2023 - Jonathan Hindle Prize Winner - Interior Design Elements

The Brutalist Collection of blankets and cushions, inspired by London’s bold and graphic brutalist architecture and modernist colours, are made with premium and sustainable materials from ethically sourced cashmere to recycled wool, hand finished by British specialists to the highest standards. Woven in Scotland and England on Jacquard looms in short runs; each creation tells an uplifting story influenced by our backgrounds in art, architecture and fashion, in carefully considered and unapologetically optimistic colour combinations. Our Scottish lambswool/cashmere blankets are woven using contrasting yarn weights and thickness to create a soft, yet graphic irregularity. A specialist double sided weave technique was used adding depth and gives the fabric a three dimensional quality, as though it was hand quilted. Our recycled wool is made with 100% recycled post-consumer textile waste from the fashion industry. Our ethically sourced lambswool/cashmere uses non-toxic dyes, is 100% natural and renewable and is certified to meet the highest standards of animal welfare, environmental care, and social sustainability.


Designed by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby for Ozeki Lantern Company

2022 - Jonathan Hindle Prize Winner - Lighting Design

In collaboration with twentytwentyone, leading British designers, Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby have created an elegant range of lighting drawing on the heritage of Japanese lantern-making. The Hotaru collection represents the perfect unison of traditional craft with an enduring aesthetic that is as modern as it is timeless. Key to the sustainable production is the folding nature of the construction which allows minimal packaging for global distribution, with dramatic impact and volume when installed in domestic and commercial interiors.


Designed by Jones & Partners for The Collective Agency

2022 - Jonathan Hindle Prize Winner - 2D

Swell is a lightweight, horizontally seamless acoustic wall cladding solution with a unique height of 2.7m made from eco-material EchoPanel®. Offering both acoustic and environmental properties, Swell is reminiscent of a wave. The innovation lies in its most unique asset – its scale. Bespoke machinery dedicated to achieving Swell’s 2700mm high x 900mm heat-moulded panels; the largest compression-press tool in Europe, was engineered by The Collective Agency. The tooling required to accommodate the curved height of the moulded panel left 1mm to spare to allow the blade to cut the panel to size, so precision was critical. Swell illustrates the importance of trust between designer and manufacturer which creates the confidence to take risks and believe in intuition.


Designed by Broome Jenkins for Ocee International

2022 - Jonathan Hindle Prize Winner - Furniture

Although the final design is simple in appearance, every aspect of the table is essential and was determined through a series of physical trials and hands-on experiments by the team. This resulted in a well resolved design where the overall frame geometry, leg shape and extruded beam all contribute towards a product that is simple and safe to use and compact when stored. There are few opportunities in the design of contract furniture to genuinely innovate. However, the technical challenges of Fourfold took priority and resulted in a very original response.


Designed by David Irwin and Rachel Evison for Bute Fabrics

2021 - Jonathan Hindle Prize Winner - 2D

Both collections are firmly rooted in the elements on which the company are founded: craftsmanship, skill, the island landscape and the local community where 46 employees reside. This collaboration celebrates the impact of the human touch within machine production; the makers mark and the mastery of the unique processes inherent in manufacture.


Designed by PearsonLloyd for TAKT

2021 Jonathan Hindle Prize Winner - Furniture

The Cross Chair design emerged from a search for a form that would immediately communicate to the user how the design should be assembled, almost without instructions. Arriving as just four pieces of timber and six screws, the Cross Chair requires minimal assembly instruction and a single Allen key, helping the process to be as intuitive as possible and free from the frustration often found with flatpacks.


Designed by Nathan Philpott and Jemma Ooi for Studio Custhom

2019 Jonathan Hindle Prize Winner - 2D

Igneous is a design made from carbon powder and, using Custhom’s innovative process of hand-foiling wallpapers, creates a unique distressed or highly polished finish in a wide range of metallic hues, imitating the crystallisation of igneous rocks formed through the colling and solidification of magma or lava. The pattern is non-repetitive down the length of the wallpaper. Printed on to durable non-woven FSC certified wallpaper

Ori Guest Bed

Designed by Catherine Aitken for Another Country

2019 Jonathan Hindle Prize Winner - Furniture

The Ori Guest Bed is a day time sofa, a single put me up and a pull out double bed all in one. A versatile piece, designed in response to Ekkist’s well-being principles, it’s made from solid ash with two slim mattresses made by Naturalmat and filled with a combination of organic coir and wool.


Designed by Alasdair Bremner & David Binns for Panaz

2018 Jonathan Hindle Prize Winner - 2D

Silicastone is an eco-architectural material made from 100% recycled post-consumer glass and pre-consumer vitrified ceramic that has marked a paradigm shift in sustainable architectural surfaces. Manufactured in England, Silicastone can be used for interiors and exteriors applications including wall tiles, furniture, table tops or as solid surfaces.

Magnetic Copper Cube

Designed by Paul Kelley for Paul Kelley Ltd

2018 Jonathan Hindle Prize Winner - Furniture

Magnetic copper cubes can be used in a wide range of designs, from purely sculptural blocks to coffee tables, chairs and walls. The magnetic system allows the cube to connect in any direction and gives the end user complete freedom to choose their design and change it whenever they desire.

Keyn Chair Group

Designed by forpeople for Herman Miller

2017 Jonathan Hindle Prize Winner

When forpeople were given the design brief for the Keyn Chair Group, it was a challenge that seemed almost impossible. forpeople were asked to create a group of chairs that consist of a four-leg, cantilever and pedestal base each with or without the option of arms. Our challenge was how to resolve the design of each of these types without compromising aesthetic appeal or continuity across the group. At the same time Herman Miller wanted us to maximise the opportunity for shared componentry. forpeople’s solution was to create the chair using four key components, which include a common cradle and one piece seat and back shell, combined with a series of base options, and upholstery variants. Keyn’s patented CradleFlex movement responds as you shift your position. It effortlessly reclines up to 10 degrees whilst simultaneously allowing the seat to move forward.

Unnia Chair

Designed by Simon Pengelly for Inclass

2016 Jonathan Hindle Prize Winner

UNNIA is a collection of versatile chairs conceived from the idea to combine seats, backrests and frames of different colours and materials to achieve endless customisable combinations. UNNIA was named the most outstanding entry in 2016 and awarded the Jonathan Hindle Prize for Excellence. It was also awarded the John Makepeace Prize for Innovation.

Cross Leg Chair

Designed by Magnus Long for The Conran Shop

2015 Jonathan Hindle Prize Winner

The aim is to create a warm and inviting place to sit with supreme ergonomics. The design is intended to remain visually light but with maximum comfort. Tubular steel legs hug the shell and the legacy hide leather cover is durable and long lasting, improving with age and developing a unique patina over time.