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Homelife Style: Nathanael Hunt

Design Guild Mark - November 23, 2021 - 0 comments

Nathanael Hunt, designer of the Introvert Extrovert light, a 2021 award-winner in the Lighting Design category, recently gave us a glimpse inside his home, in the latest of our Homelife Style features.

Nathanael, tell us about your home, in particular your favourite room.

I live in a flat-flat share in East London, I’d love to have an apartment that I had more of a role in designing, but it’s a battle to make any space between the thousands of records that we have in each room.

My favourite room of the apartment is the open plan living room and kitchen, with dining area out of shot. The sofa and rug seen in the photo have travelled with me across the last few flats that I’ve lived in – I love the minimalism of the sofa, the length and lack of arms makes it great to lie down across. The rug was from Habitat a few years ago – It adds colour to the room and it’s quite playful as an abstracted face.

In the corner I have a ‘Dawn to Dusk’ Floor Light, that I designed for Haberdashery. I love it’s impact on the room, whether it’s washing the wall with warm light, or being used as a reading light when I relax on the sofa.

What hobby or passion have you been doing over the last few months?

Since the lockdown restrictions eased and outdoor pools reopened, I’ve been trying to get back into the routine of swimming each day. I go at lunch which helps break up the day. After having been closed for a few months prior, it’s much more of a slog than it used to be but it’s some of the most productive headspace that I have in a day.

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