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Hooray for hospitality

Design Guild Mark - April 8, 2021 - 0 comments

After more than a year of intermittent lockdowns and varying degrees of COVID-19 restrictions, Monday 12 April will be circled in the calendar of many across the UK, as the date marks the start of our sorely missed hospitality sector reopening.

Oh, how we’ve yearned for dining with friends, frequenting our favourite bars and bistros, and brunching in the bougiest of eateries. Although we’ll have to wait until at least the middle of May for an internal eating or drinking experience, after months of going without and the spring sun warming our backs, alfresco dining and drinking will seem like heaven.

In honour of the sector opening, we have compiled a list of five of our favourite chairs utilised in hospitality.

DGM 200 AXYL by Benjamin Hubert of Layer for Allermuir

The AXYL collection is part of Layer’s commitment to working with companies to lower their impact on the environment with engaging but responsible new products. The recycled aluminium in the Y-frame of the chairs uses just 5% of the energy required to create new aluminium and offers significant cost savings; the chair shells, stool tops and café tabletops are available in a variety of low-impact materials, including recycled wood fibre, reclaimed timber and recycled nylon, offering an efficient method of re-using waste product from the furniture industry.

DGM 160 UNNIA by Simon Pengelly for Inclass

UNNIA is an extensive collection of versatile seating with a unique concept of colour and finish combinations. Its design allows plastic or upholstered seats and backrests to be combined, in one or two colours, with a varied range of bases of different functionality.  The concept allows the configuration of an endless number of customised designs that adapt to a diversity of contexts or decorative styles.

DGM 139 Coco by Mark Gabbertas for Oasiq

Designed to stand out in a crowd, this chair brings a sophisticated sense of leisure to that outdoor space where having a good time is always on the menu. The chair was inspired by a desire to explore the potential of using two simple and graphic planes in juxtaposition and to consider how these slightly different forms relate to each other.

DGM 111 SixE Chair by PearsonLloyd for HOWE

Ergonomic, Efficient, Elegant, Environmental, Economic and Ease of handling: these six “E” words sum up the SixE chair, designed to be the most efficient, sturdy, and long-lasting stacking shell chair available. SixE provides the crucial support and ergonomics needed for an ideal chair experience and offers superior comfort and efficiency. Like all HOWE products, the SixE chair family reflects the most recent research and standards for safety and the environment.

DGM 88 Juno by James Irvine for Arper

With its singular, simple shape, Juno brings efficiency and customization together in unique combination. Made for both residential and contract use, indoors and out, Juno is a single-shot moulded plastic chair that has fluid lines and a light profile, in silhouette and weight.

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