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Meet the judges: Daniel Hopwood

Design Guild Mark - March 2, 2021 - 0 comments

Daniel Hopwood

Interior designer and broadcaster Daniel Hopwood joined the Design Guild Mark family in 2019 when he was brought in to be part of the inaugural 2D Design category.

His placement on the category’s judging panel was very fitting given his 27 years’ experience in the residential and commercial design sector.

Daniel has a degree in Architecture and is an alumni of the Prince of Wales Institute of Architecture. He is a registered interior designer with the British Institute of Interior Design (BIID), where he was president for two years and advocated to improve professionalism in the design world.

He has also worked on several series with the BBC and Channel 4 which have been televised worldwide.

Ahead of the 2D Design (Textiles, Wall Coverings, Surfaces, Carpets and Floor Coverings) judging day, we caught up with Daniel to get some quick answers to some key questions we ask all our judges.

2D design judging day

What first turned you on to a career in the design world?

Improving ways of living without having to own a vast house.


Can you sum up in a few words what design excellence means to you?

Thorough, thoughtful and pragmatic.

What do you enjoy most about the Design Guild Mark judging process?

Getting to meet the designers and hearing about their process.


What is the hardest part of the process?


What is your favourite Design Guild Mark piece of all time and why?

It’s early days yet.


What tip would you give a designer coming in to present at the judging day?

Be confident about your work and practice your presentation.


What is the future of design?

It will always require the human touch.


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