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Assembled Collection/Stack and Chamfer Designed by Paul Crofts for Isomi Ltd

The “Chamfer” is part of the Assembled Collection for Isomi.
Designed to complement Isomi’s existing range of reception desks, tables and seating in metal and concrete. Chamfer is a modular
storage system made from Hot Rolled steel, Concrete and
Valchromat. Each module can be flipped through 180 degrees giving the potential for the object to be viewed from 360 degrees with all details presented at both the front and back of each piece; thereby allowing for mid-floor positioning, as well as against a wall or
partition. The Chamfer is kept intentionally simple in form, with a clear focus on materiality and construction. As with all of Isomi’s products, the collection offers absolute ease of specification across a platform of fully coordinated material options.

Paul Crofts runs the London based multidisciplinary studio Paul Crofts Studio. With over 20 years’ experience and a background in product and furniture the studio creates objects, spaces and solutions that demonstrate a passion for materiality and making. Projects are tackled with a core narrative that draw inspiration from the project itself. Not dependant on a house style but instead striving for unique Taylor made solutions that reflect the projects identity in a holistic way.

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    Isomi Ltd

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