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More Table by Simon Pengelly

MORE is an extending dining table for domestic interiors (originally called the Stretch table designed in 2002) has been re-launched with Montis in the Netherlands. The form was designed to express the nature of its extending function with ply tops wrapped around a tubular frame as if to visually suggest they slide apart to extend the length, exposing the leaves stored within the table – the leaves attached using the inherent flex in the plywood to clip them onto the frame.

Legs angled and positioned to maximise the number of people who can sit around both sizes of the table without being obstructed by a leg. The tubular metal frame, made with two longitudinal round tubes and two rectangular cross rails, is deceptively simple and contains 4 pistons that extend out with the tops to help in supporting them when extended, also aiding a smooth and even sliding motion. Wooden legs bolt onto the frame so as to allow disassembly for ease of shipping and to reduce box size.

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