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Rio Table by Morgan Studio & studio INTEGRATE

Rio, designed by Morgan Studio & studio INTEGRATE, offers side tables available in two varying heights and widths, combining timber craftsmanship with the latest 3D printing technology. The 3D printed component forms a ‘basket’ type structure that links the turned timber legs to the glass top.

The central component of the Rio table is 3D printed in polyamide, created through a carefully selected algorithm, and can be manufactured in no other way due to it’s complexity. This is a collaboration piece with architect Mehran Gharleghi from studio INTEGRATE.

This is a truly experimental process utilising the versatility of 3D printing’s inherently quick and low volume production capabilities, offering customisation and variation without tooling costs. It enables a new aesthetic based on additive manufacturing as opposed to the subtractive CNC process. The component is printed with all the drillings required so after spraying it is ready for final assembly. The polyamide component as well as the rest of the table is fully recyclable.

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    Morgan Furniture

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