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Mr Knock 2 by Samuel Chan

‘Mr Knock II’ is another example of Samuel Chan’s love of designing furniture that is flexible in function – “pieces the user can interact with”. ‘Mr Knock II’ is a modular bookcase system. Each unit is a vertical box shelf standing 1880mm tall. Customers buy as many as they need: 3 or 4 units suits a small space; a phalanx of 15 units fills a bigger wall. Units fit together with a discreet fixing at the top and base. Each unit has five shelves, the middle one fixed, the others adjustable. Apart from flexibility of use, the key design innovation is the setting of the units at a 45-degree angle from the wall. This is practical in saving space, and a subtle but powerful visual device allowing the bookcase to act as a screen; from one angle the books it holds cannot be seen at all.e.

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