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Mr Knock 1 by Samuel Chan

Customisation is a perennial theme in Samuel Chan’s design thinking: “I like designing quick, easy ways of customizing furniture. It means the user can own and connect with the design, which I think is important. And they can change the way they use the piece over time, in different interiors.” ‘Mr Knock I’ is a modular bookcase system featuring two widths of box shelf: one at 900mm, one at 450mm. Infinite configurations are possible (the images show units built into a 4-metre wall; a single column of 7 shelves; a small two-unit side cabinet). Seen from plan, each unit is a quadrangle with one angled side (providing deeper storage at one end graduating to shallow storage on the other). When combined, the opposing angles create a powerful visual presence. Units fit together by slotting round feet on the unit base into recesses on the corresponding unit’s top (like building blocks).

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