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Rakino Collection Designed by Tim Rundle

Rakino is a collection of low lounge chairs that combines soft sculpted upholstery and CNC machined timber frames with an upright, somewhat architectural, attitude. The frame is all right angles and straight lines, save for the back support rail, which is bowed slightly, as if formed by the act of leaning back in the chair. The seat, in contrast, is a soft, shell-like form with a crisp single seam running around its edge.

Tim Rundle is a London based industrial designer specialising in furniture and lighting design as well as interiors, installations and strategic consultancy. A preoccupation with simplicity, improvement and the pragmatic application of creativity; combined with a rigorous and knowledgeable approach to the technical aspects of materials and manufacturing leads to results that are, at the same time, useful, engaging and relevant.

  • Manufacturer:

    Morgan Contract Furniture Ltd

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