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Simple Shade 05 Designed by Naomi Rochowski for Naomi Paul Ltd

With the Simple Shade 05 pendant Naomi further explores her ongoing interests in ‘quiet objects’ and with this, how hand-crafted textiles coupled with light can evoke a feeling of wellbeing and tranquillity within a space. A diffused atmospheric light. SIMPLE SHADE 05 makes a stunning focal point in an entrance hall or stairwell. A family of SS05 pendants in a dining room creates a dramatic

Naomi Paul is a London design studio where hand crochet is elevated from craft to art. Naomi Paul’s lighting designs are unique. Iconic silhouettes combine with functional integrity. Together with her highly skilled team, the studio is dedicated to perfection. Naomi watched her ninety-year-old grandmother knit socks, functional and beautiful, each stitch knitted to perfection. A strong belief was instilled in Naomi that skill develops with time, and the care taken by hand making is experienced as an unrivalled quality in the finished fabric.


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    Naomi Paul Ltd

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