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Turner Carver by Charles Dedman

Born from experimentation and love for traditional techniques. The Turner Carver combines the efficient process of turning with the dark art of steam-bending, resulting in a minimalist functional chair which celebrates these crafts. With a Scandinavian approach, the design has been evolved from a softwood prototype to a viable production product with mass appeal. The repetition of the ‘turner tenon’ joint, whereby a spindle is turned down to 19mm at the jointing end thus creating a tenon to fit into a partner hole. This creates a simplistic language which lends itself to mass production and opens up to a range which shares the same jointing. The Carver is aimed to sit at the head of the Turner Table, with the Turner Dining Chair each side. But it works well as a stand along chair in the corner of a room for admiring or desk chair.

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    Sitting Firm

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