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Behind the design: the Alchemy Collection

Design Guild Mark - December 8, 2018 - 0 comments

Alchemy Collection

Rachel Evison made history in 2018 by becoming an inaugural holder in our new 2D category for fabric collection Alchemy.

The Alchemy Collection is a range of vibrant contemporary fabric with textured flecks that was designed for Bute Fabrics.

We caught up with Rachel to find out more about the collection.

What initially inspired you to design Alchemy?

Our customers have been looking for us to develop something with Bute’s distinctive qualities. We wanted a design that captured some of the key qualities from existing designs but with a contemporary twist.

Can you explain the concept for the design?

Our intention was to create something visually striking with a nod to the history of Bute Fabrics, the island and their renowned signature of colour, texture and performance.

How have you struck the balance between function and design with this product?

Alchemy incorporates a unique combination of woolen spun and worsted spun yarns, which in conjunction with the tightly woven structure ensures durability. Alchemy has a beautiful blend of merino wool, which gives the fabric its character. It also enhances the rich colours, while providing a luxurious handle and drape to the textiles.

Who does this design appeal to?

The fabric’s composition and structure was developed to ensure it meets the needs of the variety of sectors that Bute supply. Our order sizes vary from a few metres to over 1000, so all of our collections are suitable for volume production. Our customers were invited to offer feedback on fabric swatches throughout the development process.

How long did the design process take?

The collection has been in the making for almost two years. The team have dedicated this time to diligent research, development and the distillation of sampling to create the final selection of 30 colours.

What modifications did you make along the way?

Developing the colour range was an experimental process. The design team strived for a perfect level of contrast and detail. The texture comes from the flecked slubs contained within the yarn. It results in a unique look that’s fresh, contemporary and distinctly Bute.

How is this design different from anything else available?

Our promotion of wool’s properties has been a characteristic of Bute for many years. Wool is a modern fibre with amazing capabilities and no manmade fibre has the ability to match.

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