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The rise of 2D

Design Guild Mark - December 4, 2018 - 0 comments

There was noticeable curiosity from the design world when we announced we were launching a new category for the first time in the Design Guild Mark’s 10 year history.

That curiosity soon changed to intrigue when we announced the category would be 2D. So what is 2D?

What we mean by 2D is a fabric, textile, wall covering, floor covering or carpet. In other words, a flat or flattish design…

Our respected judging committee awarded a Mark to three very different 2D designs last year. What was especially pleasing was they all came from differing sub-sectors of the 2D world.

The Alchemy Collection for Bute Fabrics

Alchemy is a vibrant, contemporary fabric with textured flecks manufactured by  Bute Fabrics. Bute has a unique origin story. The mill was founded in 1947 by the fifth Marquees of Bute. It was started to create jobs for returning service people following the Second World War. The Bute family continues to support it.

Jitterbug from the Shoreditch Range for Axminster Carpets

Jitterbug challenges weaving capabilities of the loom and knowledge of wool and yarns. The weave’s effect is achieved by mixing different yarn weights and weaves. As a result, the design retains its historic presence, but captures texture visually and through touch.

Silicastone for Panaz

Silicastone is an eco-architectural material made from 100% recycled post-consumer glass and pre-consumer vitrified ceramic. It marks a paradigm shift in sustainable architectural surfaces. Silicastone is suitable for interior and exterior applications, for example wall tiles, furniture, table tops or as solid surfaces.

'The inaugural 2D judging took place this year. I wasn’t sure what to expect! However, it soon became apparent that when design integrity is at the heart of any product development, quality and completeness of thought is expressed ensuring a well considered product suitable for market.'

— Corinne Pringle

Director at tp bennett and 2D judge

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