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Homelife style: Edward Tadros

Design Guild Mark - December 16, 2020 - 0 comments

Homelife style: Edward Tadros

2020 has been a year of compromise for all. We’ve had to adjust to measures that previously would have seemed unimaginable.

Throughout the year we have asked our community to tell us about the personal spaces that they have been hunkering down in. However, there is flipside to that coin which until now hadn’t crossed our mind – and that is the many spaces on any other given year we’d see and enjoy, but have been unable to.

Edward Tadros, Ercol chairman, recently spoke to us about the space he’s missed in 2020

Edward, tell us about your favourite personal space.

We have for the last 20 years had an apartment on the Giudecca in Venice which has become a home from home where we really always feel at home. It is the personal space that I am really missing, where I would really like to be but cannot, in fact haven’t been able to visit for nearly 12 months.

The apartment is a huge room, around 300 square metres with a five-metre-high ceiling. It was an old storeroom for the Birra Dreher which was converted by a Venetian architect for his studio. We renovated it from a studio to a home and then filled it with wonderful furniture from the Capellini Kuramata bookcase and Saarinen tables to Flexform Frisco sofas, Flos lamps and of course Ercol Butterfly chairs.

Venice is a wonderful place to escape to – no traffic, wonderful food and spritz al bitter at the side of the Giudecca canal in the evening!

What hobby or passion have you been occupying yourself with over the last few months?

I have for many years had a passion for black and white photography using 35mm film. I have a Leica MP and I take and develop and print all my own films in my darkroom here. Attached is a black and white image from film of the apartment.


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