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Homelife style: Mirka Gröhn

Design Guild Mark - January 28, 2021 - 0 comments

British company &New was launched in 2014 by a British sculptor Jo Wilton and a Finnish psychologist Mirka Gröhn (left).

&New produces pieces that are modern, bold and long-lasting, using honest sustainable materials. Distinctly modern with elegant lines, the designs combine an aesthetic of British wit and Nordic simplicity.

The products are handmade in Britain and have plenty of character from the making process. Every piece of furniture is made to order, unique and beautifully imperfect.

In 2016 Jo and Mirka were awarded a Design Guild Mark for the Giraffe Console Table. We caught up with Mirka to hear about her design preferences at home.

Mirka, tell us about your happy place at home?

I love the even light in this room. It is a perfect space to work as I can see the sky through the ceiling windows and the garden with its changing seasons through the French doors – it is a calm space. I like having both old and new furniture, lighting and art in my home. There’s something delicious about sharp modern design mixed with characterful older pieces that may have taken years to collect or have great memories attached to them.

How do you go about choosing something for your home?

My husband and I are curious and impulsive. If we have to think about a purchase for our home, it will never happen. If we see something we like we get it there and then. That is how our home looks – it is not colour coordinated and planned, but free flowing and individual.

What have you been doing during the lockdown to stay sane?

I started running during the lockdown and now go out three times a week. I hate going out but come back with a smile on my face. Hobby or a passion, not sure yet.

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