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Homelife style: Tom Raffield

Design Guild Mark - November 23, 2020 - 0 comments

Homelife Style: Tom Raffield

With the clocks having gone back at the end of October, being confined to one’s home becomes less of a chore and more of a conscious decision to shut oneself off from the cold, dark, wet evenings.

This month designer Tom Raffield gives us a peak at his personal favourite living space, and it looks like the perfect place to hibernate for autumn and winter!

Tom, tell us about your happy place at home.

I’ve taken this photo stood in the middle of my kitchen, the open living space behind me, overlooking the garden and treescape of our woodland home. This view of the outside is calming, relaxing and reminds me of what inspires me every day, nature. I love how I can be inside yet feel emersed in the outdoors and the changing seasons.

We chose large glass windows and doors for our home to allow as much natural light as possible to filter inside – the result is a space that feels light and airy even in the winter months. The floors are polished concrete and the walls are clad with felled wood on our own land – the wooden panelling has sections of sweet chestnut, ash, oak, birch and pine. It tells the story of our house and the piece of land on which we built our steam bent home.

Our interior is minimal, there’s pieces of furniture and lighting designs that we’ve design and handcrafted, simple ceramics and lots of houseplants hiding in the corners.

What hobby or passion have you been doing over the last few months?

 Between home-schooling and working on new steam bent designs I’ve been enjoying spending as much time as possible in nature. Walking, cycling, running and hiking.

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