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In good company: Allermuir

Design Guild Mark - November 23, 2020 - 0 comments

Allermuir is a name we often see listed among the companies associated with Design Guild Mark holders. In fact, it’s now got to the stage where it is odd if at least one of the company’s designs hasn’t been awarded a Design Guild Mark in any given year.

Established in the 1970s by the Vaghetti family, the brand started to emerge properly and flourish in the 1990s and established itself at the forefront of contemporary British furniture design working with a number of UK designers, but marketing itself internationally.

In 2005 Allermuir became part of The Senator Group, a leading international manufacturer of high-quality furniture for the contract market, with showrooms in London, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Bangalore, and Hong Kong.

We sat down with Allermuir to find out more about the company and delve into the design and manufacturing process of DGM 213 Oran by designer Mark Gabbertas.

What best describes the style of furniture that Allermuir manufactures?

We firmly believe in forging ambitious partnerships with some of the world’s leading designers to deliver innovative, inspiring and effortlessly intelligent furniture.  We aim for the highest quality design and manufacturing that fuses original design with exceptional ergonomics and engineering.

What compromises were made when designing Oran to make sure it was viable to manufacture in quantity?  

Put simply, we tried not to make any compromises in the manufacturing process with Oran. The sofa system required discreet, but innovative, engineering to allow the minimal visible frame to carry the required weight whilst the carcass is made using CNC wooden components. The upholstery uses a combination of traditional and contemporary techniques to achieve the exceptional comfort and longevity that was required.


What is the biggest trend influencing manufacturing in your field at the moment?  

Clearly the world is changing at unparalleled rate at the moment. A new way of thinking about what products are brought to market and how, dominates our strategic approach. We are more selective and better focused with everything we do. The new designs we are developing and the processes we are using now need to work across a broader usage spectrum. So every aspect of the brand story is scrutinised to make it leaner, sharper and hopefully, better. At the same time, sustainability is written into everything we do, from, the materials we source, to the way we design and craft our products, right through to delivery. We are working hard to do our bit to make the world a more sustainable place to live.

How do you go about choosing a designer to collaborate on a project with?  

We have forged relationships with several of the leading designers in the world. We look for collaborations that bring new thinking and astute commercial insight to our brand. We have worked with a few studios for over 25 years and this longevity of interaction facilitates the ongoing development of the uniqueness that is Allermuir.


What is a future game changer with manufacturing furniture?  

Ensuring the brand remains agile, efficient and accessible to an ever-changing audience.


What are the unique selling points of Oran?

Oran is a very special sofa system. It is made to the highest standards and achieves exceptional comfort that will stand the test of time and high levels of use. The system itself is highly flexible and has the ability to configure in numerous ways. It also has the potential to incorporate table and open sided elements which mean it can be used in a variety of space types. It is a category defining design that will be in our portfolio for years to come.


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