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Homelife style: Mark Gabbertas

Design Guild Mark - October 20, 2020 - 0 comments

Homelife style: Mark Gabbertas

It seems we may have spoken too soon last month when we decided to rename this feature from ‘Lockdown life’ to ‘Homelife style’.

If you’ve been moved to tears by the move to the tiered system, you’re probably not alone. Take a deep breath, put on the kettle, make yourself a tea and take two minutes as we venture through the keyhole with Design Guild Mark holder Mark Gabbertas as he talks homelife with us.


Tell us about your favourite room at home.

The home office. This is where I have been lucky enough to spend the last few months. It has not been a challenge – am I allowed to admit that? The room has a double aspect facing both east and west so sun brightens my day, all day. The lifesaving Vitsoe system was installed just a few months ago and served as a marriage-saver too as previously everything was on the floor. It is one of the few shelving systems that includes traditional hanging files storage for diehards like me. I persuaded Vitsoe to allow me to powder coat the shelf uprights black which to my mind works better. Vitsoe in Italy does this, but not the UK company. I hope they like the result. The problem with smart shelving systems is that you need to art direct its contents. The chair is Harry, a design for Boss some time ago. Part of the four-metre-long white desk is visible which is cantilevered off the wall. The desk top has reassuringly started to emerge over the recent months as time has been found to read the articles/write the letters/file the drawings and throw the rest away – a silver lining of the corona cloud.

What hobby or passion have you been occupying yourself with over the last few months?

I have become an apiarist. I took the summer honey a few weeks ago but felt so guilty stealing their hard-won winter stores that I returned half the honey back to them. I hope they remember my contrition.


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