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In good company: Morgan

Design Guild Mark - October 20, 2020 - 0 comments

In good company: Morgan

Effective collaboration is a cornerstone of success in many sectors but perhaps none more so than in the furnishing industry.

The Design Guild Mark, although an award for the designer, recognises the symbiotic partnership of designer and manufacturer in creating a winning piece. One needs the other and vice versa.

If any manufacturer knows about producing Design Guild Mark awardees it is Morgan Furniture, as nine of its designs have been bestowed a Mark over the past 10+ years.

This month we caught up with Katerina Zachariades-McMahon, design director at Morgan to find out more about the company.


Give us a brief history of the company. How did it come to be?  

Morgan is a wholly British business, designing and manufacturing seating and tables for the contract market, from its dedicated factory in Hampshire. We design and produce contemporary collections with a passionate commitment to invest in every product and collection with a signature level of originality and dedication. We start with trees and finish with beautifully crafted furniture.

Established over 70 years ago, Morgan has been owned and run by Rodney and Katerina for over 25 years, who, whilst nurturing the company’s heritage of British craftsmanship, have succeeded in maintaining their original objectives: to offer design led and customer focused service and provide an outstanding quality of product.

What best describes the style of Morgan’s furniture?

The style of our furniture is contemporary elegance, inspired by mid-century aesthetics, combined with modern technologies. Offering a diverse and versatile collection of products that stand alone or work together to enhance any interior.

What compromises on the design front do you find you have to make to manufacture pieces in quantity?  

Within all creative design industries, there is a balance between aesthetics and engineering. Our products are carefully designed and crafted to be both ergonomically optimum for comfort, and aesthetically pleasing to the eye, whilst maintaining a positive and lean manufacturing process to minimise waste and increase productivity.


What is the biggest trend influencing manufacturing in your field at the moment?  

The environment is a large influencing factor, and we are always looking to make further improvements to reduce our carbon footprint, waste and ensure that we create durable, long-lasting products that do not need to be quickly replaced.

How do you go about choosing a designer to collaborate on a project with?  

The designers of Morgan Studio, and director Katerina Zachariades enjoy collaboration and believe a group achieves more than an individual. We have expanded our team by collaborating with external designers that offer a unique perspective to our process. Usually we meet through like-minded events or individuals, a strong friendship is formed, and seamlessly the process of working together begins.


What do think is creating ripples within manufacturing technologies?

New technologies and processes are forever changing how we manufacture our products. For example, our Rio collection, in collaboration with studio INTEGRATE, features 3D printed components. 3D printing offers new opportunities in manufacturing, requiring no tooling, using an additive process with no waste and also offering the option of new materials with less environmental impact.

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