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Lockdown life with Leonard Pfeifer

Design Guild Mark - May 13, 2020 - 0 comments

Lockdown life with Leonard Pfeifer

Lockdown – it’s certainly not something any of us would choose, but we admire those who are taking the ‘when life hands you lemons, make lemonade’ approach to dealing with the current crisis.

With everyone acclimating to being housebound, what better time to explore the personal spaces our Design Guild Mark holders are hunkering down in and peek a glimpse behind the curtain of where they call home?

Kicking off the first lockdown life is designer Leonard Pfeifer, holder of three Design Guild Marks (46, 72 and 114).

Tell us about your home. What is your favourite living space?

We made a sea change to Porto a year ago, leaving our own furniture in London. We’re renting an apartment with glimpses of both the Atlantic Ocean and the river Douro, where our favourite living area is the terrace. We rejoice daily in the big skies and a view of the horizon, and after 15 years in Shoreditch eating outside all year round is a treat.

How is it decorated?

The apartment was furnished with traditional Portuguese furniture – dark heavy wood, intricately carved. It is fun to live with these pieces for this moment in time as they are different to our design style. One treasure we brought with us, carefully wrapped was our vintage Eileen Gray E-1027 table.

In the lockdown we have relocated our studio to the bedroom and are home-schooling two children, so the rest of our house is full of playthings and books.

What have you been doing to pass the time during lockdown?

As for hobbies and passions – we’re still both working, fitting in design projects around home schooling. We try to get outside each day for some form of exercise – in fact our five-year-old has learnt to ride a bike during the lockdown and I now need my rollerblades to keep up with him.

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