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Lockdown life: judges edition

Design Guild Mark - June 3, 2020 - 0 comments

As we edge ever closer to the third full month of lockdown in the UK, our newest feature ‘Lockdown life’ returns for a second instalment to satiate our curiosity as to how people from the design community are spending the time and take a look at the places they are isolating in.

Tim Rundle, Lighting Design category judge

What is your favourite living space? Set the scene for us.

When I’m on dad duty at home, if I need to take a call or fire off an email, it’s the dining table that becomes my desk. When my wife and I first arrived in London, just over a decade ago, our first proper furniture purchase was a basic single bay of Vitsoe shelves. They were designed in 1960 by one of my design heroes, Dieter Rams and have barely changed since. This makes the purchase of your initial set an easy call, in these times of rapid obsolescence and incompatibility, knowing that when you want to add or adapt the system in a few years’ time, you can, which is exactly what we have done. The shelves are on their third home, and about fourth or fifth configuration.

What hobby or passion have you been doing most during lockdown?

Thanks to a lack of travel, I’ve been lucky to spend much more time with my two-year-old daughter. We’ve gone full lock-down cliché and started growing vegetables in pots in our small courtyard, and even started making our own pickled onions!

Peter Thwaites, Textiles, Wall Coverings, Surfaces, Carpets and Floor Coverings category judge

Tell us about your lockdown haven.

Thankfully, we have been able to continue to operate the Rapture & Wright studio almost as normal during lockdown. Our rural location has meant that isolation is unexceptional. I shuffle between two desks in the studio. One that gets used for drawing and building prototypes (pictured) and a ‘clean’ desk, which gets used for computer work.

How have you passed the time?

The relaxing of deadlines and evenings in, has meant that I have been able to roam the local landscape with sketchbook and paints. There is no better way to relax than nestled in a hedgerow observing the sun set.

Campbell Thompson, Furniture category judge

What is your favourite interior at home?

Our bedroom is my favourite room in the house. A few years ago we developed our loft and did not fully appreciate how beautiful the view would be. We are fortunate to look over an area which stretches past a river, reservoir and in the distance we can see Sandown racecourse.  The bedroom is a simple open plan layout with a bath under Velux windows, built in wardrobes, an upholstered oak bed with Aalto Stool 60’s either side as bedside tables. Both myself and my wife have a strong appreciation of Scandinavian design and buying for longevity.  The Stool 60’s, Pia Wallén Crux blanket, AJ Swan chair and floor light are all pieces we have had for a long time and the quality of materials and manufacture means we will have them for life. We wanted our bedroom to be a calm space and so have reduced any visual clutter.

What have you been doing to stay active?

I have always been passionate about cycling and most days I go out on either my road or mountain bike for a few hours.  Recently I have also bought a kayak and starting to explore our local river which feeds into the Thames at Hampton Court.

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