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Deco Screens Designed by Mark Gabbertas for Gloster Furniture GmbH

The outdoor screens use universally sized solid teak components that are all made from offcuts normally too small to be used in furniture. The frame uses a number of specially developed interlocking aluminium extrusions. The result is a series of gentle enclosures that are not as limiting or constraining as a room, but which allow for open vistas, virtual doorways and the gentle suggestion of distinct spaces. The screens are high enough to provide privacy, but avoid a sense of confinement and are designed to filter light in intriguing patterns. They are essentially self-supporting as the result of each unit incorporating a right angle, and can also be reconfigured. Within these transparent walls, different ambiences can be created that reflect and intensify the outdoor living experience.

The Gabbertas Studio is known for its rigorous pursuit of solutions that have both a functional
integrity and an enduring aesthetic in the belief that it is all too easy to shock, but much more difficult to please.