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Storage wars

Design Guild Mark - June 16, 2020 - 0 comments

Storage wars

It stands to reason that during a crisis where we’ve had to cope with circumstances outside our control that we’d focus our attention on something that can both distract and bring order – even on a small scale – to our lives.

It’s for this reason that ‘lockdown projects’ are through the roof – with baking, exercising and home improvement high among them.

However, it isn’t just the home office that has been getting the to be expected makeover, in terms of big-ticket items purchased, as reports from retailers have indicated a rise in sales of storage solutions too.

It makes sense when you think about it as furniture with storage is the king when it comes to clawing back the chaos of a cluttered room.

With that in mind, we thought we would focus on five of our favourite Design Guild Mark Furniture category winners that boast wonderful storage facilities as well as being easy on the eye.

DGM 216 BOB by Paul Kelley for Bisley

BOB by Bisley is the beautifully handcrafted, magnetic, modular storage and display system that lets you click, twist and re-think your space. Combining high-quality plywood with a flawlessly clean design, each BOB unit is secured together with a unique technology friendly magnetic system, allowing you to build your own configuration with a simple click and twist action.

DGM 172 Mr Knock 2 by Samuel Chan for Channels

Mr Knock II is an example of Samuel Chan’s love of designing furniture that is flexible in function – “pieces the user can interact with”. Mr Knock II is a modular bookcase system. Each unit has five shelves, the middle one fixed, the others adjustable. Apart from flexibility of use, the key design innovation is the setting of the units at a 45-degree angle from the wall. This is practical in saving space, and a subtle but powerful visual device allowing the bookcase to act as a screen; from one angle the books it holds cannot be seen at all.

BOB by Bisley
Mr Knock 2

DGM 131 Cubrick by Cairn Young & Ian Spencer for Harrods

Cubrick is a collectors/drinks cabinet made with between 12 and 20 cuboid boxes, stacked in blocks of four, that hinge and pivot about each other. The boxes open with one fluid hand movement and move in opposing directions simultaneously. CNC routed MDF is used as it is totally stable and able to be machined to a high accuracy. Brass hinges and ball races are held in specially made brass washers. Clients can customise the interior and exterior finishes.

DGM 108 Romana Sideboard by Dylan Freeth for Ercol

The largest of the Romana sideboards, this stylish oak sideboard provides lots of storage space, with two separate cupboard sections and thee drawers. The front edge of the sideboard top bears the signature soft curve, and the legs have the fluid organic curves and chamfers, that characterise Romana. Fluid wave-shaped cut-out recesses provide the door and drawer handles, another design signature of the range.

DGM 96 Concave Bookcase by Simon Pengelly for Joined + Jointed

This inspired piece by Simon Pengelly is a response to our need for bookcases to house a plethora of items that differ vastly in shape and size. Concave meets this practical requirement but is itself an object of beauty – remarkably detailed and meticulously made. It is produced in two halves and can be used as such or joined as one whole piece.

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