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Autumn vibes

Design Guild Mark - November 20, 2020 - 0 comments

There is something comforting about autumn, despite this time of year marking the dreary start of the evenings drawing in and a drop in temperature.

English writer John Keats famously wrote about the virtues of the season in his poem ‘Ode to Autumn, remarking on it being a ‘Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness’.

For us, it’s the colours of autumn that make it stand out, particularly the stunning hues of brown, orange, red and green that are synonymous with the time of year.

For no other reason than being deep in the midst of autumn, we have compiled a list of Design Guild Mark winners that boast beautiful shades of fall and radiate autumn vibes.

DGM 129 Cross Leg Chair by Magnus Long for The Conran Shop

The idea for Cross Leg Chair came about from wrapping Post-it notes around and into cones to create a supple but stable shell for the seat. The form of the cone developed into a bean-like shape to express a warm and inviting place to sit. The addition of multi-density foams build the fluid form and supreme ergonomics of the Cross Leg Lounge Chair. A high strength tubular steel frame supports the shell and the back legs cross over, giving the chair both its name and a unique detail.

DGM 192 Leaf Seats by Design by Nico

The aim for the Leaf Seat was to set out a footstool that was beautiful in its own right, using bold colours and drawing on nature and graphics patterns as inspiration. The seats interlock in a variety of ways, to create seating arrangements. Meanwhile, a host of Leaf Seats could be combined to create a forest effect reflecting the seasons and would work great in any interior- home, office or hotel.

Cross Leg Chair

DGM 217 Panel by Lucy Kurrien for Capdell

Panel is a lounge chair made from sheet steel and tailored wool or leather with exposed edges. It is a hollow chair rather than a solid one – a light alternative to material-heavy upholstered furniture. Shape and comfort have been built directly into a seat made of wool or leather through its carefully contoured surface.

DGM 227 Mosaico for Another Brand

Mosaico solid wood tiles are a new surface material from ‘Surfaces by Another Brand‘, made from 100% recycled wood re-purposed from off cuts of wood from the furniture manufacturing process. Each title is made from solid wood and features its own organic and unique grain pattern as well as a tactile finished surface. The tiles are durable as well as water and stain-resistant, giving free reign to use this high-quality solid wood in a variety of interior spaces.

DGM 231 Artistic Liberties designed by Claire Kimble and Helen Lloyd for Milliken

Artistic Liberties is a daring carpet tile collection designed for Milliken and made in the UK using 100% regenerated nylon. It combines post-punk and street art influences with historic and classical references that make traditional design contemporary and outspoken. There are multitudinous possibilities for amalgamations of five designs.

Panel by Lucy Kurrien
The eco-friendly five
The eco-friendly five

If you have a design that you’d like to put forward for the 2021 Design Guild Mark, don’t miss the early bird deadline – 30 November 2020.

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