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Meet the judges: Joanna Biggs

Design Guild Mark - February 26, 2019 - 0 comments

Joanna Biggs, director at GA Design in London, is one of our longest serving judges in the Furniture category and has been part of the awarding process of dozens of Design Guild Marks.

Joanna has worked in hospitality design for over 20 years. During this time, Joanna has had the opportunity to work with some of the world’s leading 5* hotel brands delivering luxurious, unique and timeless designs.

With only a few weeks until the 2019 judging day, we caught up with Joanna.

What first turned you on to a career in the design world?

I have always enjoyed creating. My father is a carpenter and I was fascinated with his workshop as a child.   Going onto an art foundation course after A Levels, I found that the balance of Art with technical ‘problem solving’ suited me.

 Can you sum up in a few words what design excellence means to you?

Simple forms, perfect function and beauty.

What do you enjoy most about the Design Guild Mark judging process?

Collaborating with other specialists in the design industry and gaining knowledge on all aspects of the furniture design, from creation to the commercial.

What is the hardest part of the process?

Judging creativity and style isn’t difficult. Ours is the easy job!

What is your favourite Design Guild Mark of all time and why?

I love the Crossleg Chair designed by Magnus Long. It is simple, luxurious in leather and so comfortable!

What tip would you give a designer coming in to present at the judging day?

‘Tell us the back story of each piece.’ Design doesn’t just appear, it evolves.

What is the future of design?

The streamlining of forms and materials for maximum comfort, with a focus on sustainability.

Being bold with form and involving all ages/classes to discover and appreciate what can be achieved.


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For information on all the judges, click here.

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